Friday, 15 December 2017

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DIY Manuka Honey Red Clay Mask . ⛄Day 15 "Hot Cocoa - Sweet Product" of #skincareadventchallenge hosted by @valerie.erin and @snailormercury . ❄Day 15 "Baking Stories/Handcrafts" of #adventskincarechallenge hosted by @missteasa and @musicisadrug18 . Review 📝: this is a DIY mask that i made out of 100% Raw Manuka Honey and Now Solution's Red Clay Powder. Manuka honey is known for its anti-bacteria and hydration (both great for acne-prone skin), and let me tell you Raw Manuka Honey is not cheap, this bottle cost around $30-40 Canadian. Of course there are many ways of using Manuka Honey, one is eating it, it is suppose to help with your immune system. Another way is use it in mask like this one, i have also used Manuka Honey to wash my face (It gets very messy because honey is sticky id you don't clean up properly). You can also make scrub with Manuka Honey, body scrub, facial scrub, or lip scrub, soo many ways to use honey 🍯 . #skincare #beauty #kbeauty #asianskincare #koreanskincare #skincarereview #productreview #skincarejunkie #diymask #rawmanukahoney #acnemask #acne #claymask #diyhoneyclaymask

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